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21 July 2010 @ 12:51 pm
i did post on  everyday_gyaru a couple of days ago showing my new style that i'm going for (agejo). Its much more glamerous and girly than anything i've really tried before, but i do love it!
But i thought that i'd post it here on my personal blog too :)
at the moment they are quite casual- I need a new wardrobe!!
a waterfall shirt and tight skirt

i like this onealot- i dont usually wear my hair up, and i think i'm going to try alot more different styles of having my hair up!

i wore it with these suckersss- irregualr choice heels/

i dont really like straw hats- but i tried it! ( the makeup pic isnt so good, you cant reaally see my eye makeup wel or nose stripe)
i need more acccessories- but i'm just not very good at looking for them!

19 July 2010 @ 03:58 pm
i just had an interview for the fashion course i wanted to join- AND GOT IN :D

celebrated by buying some new sparkley heels~

also- i made this gyaru shirt haha, its like an off the shoulder baggy long teeshirt, ( yes i made it from scratch)

better do another everyday_gyaru post now,
to show my new style!

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15 July 2010 @ 08:50 pm

Wahhhh~  ;____;
I've been ill today, so i spent it in bed =____=

i havn't gotten outa bed allll day and its now 8.00 pm, just been eating pizza, watching anime, smoking and feeling generally sorry for myself.haha

i watched the entire series of Tora Dora.. it was good :)
Soy x


ANYWAY. MA*RS wishlist
Gonna have to get a new wardrobe i think!
I admit, somethings do look a bit 'tacky' ..but...its all good! the tacky-ness gives it character! its like, yeah i'm trying to look sexy!? but i'm damn cute at the same time mutherr fuckerss!

this is just so gorgeous i have no words..
i LOVE my leopard print, and this is like, OMNOMNOMNOM to my eyes

these frilly shorts are adorable too! casual yet the lace makes it so sweet~

i wouldn't have liked this if it was denim...but because its cotton ( KIND OF LOOKS LIKE A BED SHEET CLOSE UP XD) i was like..Ooh breezy! haha

the design on the under layer and bow is pretty bling haha, its like pearls and shit, and i thought i could look prety gangstah wearing it haha
even posting this though, i could never look as cute as the models WITH ME BULDGING THEIGHS HAHA <3

the cardholder is so snazzy i want it just to look at! bag= amazing, and i have no idea what to call the 3rd thing. its like a piece of jewelry like a necklace but you wear it like a bag? whatever it is. it looks annoying to wear - but soooo good!

Tommorow am gonna get  shit tossed, will post horrible drunken photos

OHMAGOD, and i need to take some more photos for everyday_gyaru D: BUT. I JUST CANT BE BOTHERED XD


I've been thinking of making some videos talking about western gyaru
because i think we have created our own life style through  the fashion.

I was thinking of:
- looking around high street stores for gyaru buys
- what people think about being a western gal
- talk about people on everyday_gyaru
- interesting things on peoples blogs
- opinions on gal_secret posts.
and general makeup points and hair

i think it'd  be interesting to openly vlog about the community


Soy x

07 July 2010 @ 10:23 pm
I've made up my mind!
When i finally get off this god forwaked tiny fucking island, i am going to work in one of Londons clubs that hire hostesses,
such as the' Mayfair'.

It seems like the perfect job for me,
Getting paid to innocently flirt and have light conversations with men...
It says me all over
i'm brilliant at talking, flirting and drinking :3
Please cheer me on!
Soy xx

05 July 2010 @ 11:09 am
Subscribe to 'Soychan1993' for more Hibiscgyaru videos :)

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Top shop is really boring at the moment IMO, but i scouted out this little  lace trim top- its quite cute, and a little bit edgy- I LIKE. £ 28.00

very simple but i thought that this could look quite effective in a gal's wardrobe, £16.00.

LEOPARD PRINT LEGGINGS, you all know i do love my animal prints x. £22.00

Now, i'm still not sure what I think about Maxi dresses, like... i think some look good, but the majority look AWFUL.
newlook has a lot of maxi dresses in atm,- lots of floral ones,
I've still not made up my mind, just...i dont know , with me' thighs long dresses dont suit me
I thought this was adorable,+ reduced to £15.00 AND I LIKE REDUCED ITEMS. i might have to get it.
the denim look is also very in at the moment.

I thought these floral skirts ( also available in black ) were cute and very casual hime- it could also go with a lot of outfits,
So sweet,

FINALLY in next i saw this top ( sorry for bad piccy)

its super dry

it goes to show you  dont need gal brands to be gal, you can buy gyaru inspired buys in high street stores over here

Soy x

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15 June 2010 @ 08:18 am
Just got back from IOW festival
I successfully stayed drunk( No....off my face) from thursday night till'  monday morning
But picked up a californian accent from new bestests ( best friends) Rory and Cameron.
here are a few picks of me looking like  a total skank hahah!
NOT SUCH GOOD MAKEUP IN THESE but like, I was camping
i got so dirty XD,

I gott  a bitching tanline on my booobehs though.
Soy x
06 June 2010 @ 09:00 pm

I have just made a tumblr- Its shitty and new atm, but i'be not only been posting  hibiscgyaru photos but also western gyaru ( mostly off everyday_gyaru) who have caught my eye :3
Please follow me ^^
Soy x

here you go!

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06 June 2010 @ 02:12 pm
I thought i'd post some piccy's of me - as i havn't really yet XD

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